TheVoiceOfJoyce The Russian missiles are declining and combat on the ground is increasing. It is not confirmed that Soledar has fallen to the Russians. Heavy fighting continues in Bakhmut. Ukrainian Allies, including Canada ,are sending weapons to Ukraine to ensure an effective and decisive counteroffensive. Ukraine can’t lose this War. They fight for every democracy and their victory will be a deterrent to all those Nations with imperialist notions. Our World is small and interconnected. When the entire globe is fighting for man’s survival, imperialism is an unaffordable lethal distraction.

Russia’s artillery fire in Ukraine has gone down dramatically from its wartime high, in some places by as much as 75%, according to US and Ukrainian officials. The drop in shelling is further evidence of Russia’s increasingly weak position on the battlefield nearly a year into its invasion, officials have told CNN. The officials did not give a clear or single explanation behind the striking decline in artillery fire.

Western officials have warned that Ukraine will not be able to take back a significant amount of territory from Russia without an increase in military capability, including tanks and armoured vehicles. Russian and Ukrainian forces are currently too closely matched for the Ukrainians to be able to mount a major offensive, a western official said on Tuesday. They said a reported Ukrainian call for 300 tanks was “not an unreasonable number” to create the force mass needed for them to go on the attack.

Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau on Tuesday said his government would purchase a US air defence system to donate to Ukraine. The US-built air defence system was worth C$406m (US$302m), defence minister Anita Anand said. “Canada will continue to stand with the Ukrainian people as they fight against Russia’s illegal and unjustifiable invasion,” Anand said.

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