TheVoiceOfJoyce There is no doubt, we are heading in the wrong direction and creating Global Oceanic Warming Feedback loops. The Oceans have stopped being an absorber of Carbon, methane and nitrous oxide emissions in the 1990’s. Oceans are no longer mixing their layers of Water, the hot water stays at the top. The water is also becoming more saline and bleaching coral and destroying many fish and microbes, required for Ocean health and life sustainability. The reason is clear and it’s not written on the wind, human activity is accelerating the warming of our Oceans and causing devastating floods in Africa, Europe and the Pacific. How many weather catastrophes, pollutants, food scarcity and loss of life must we endure before responding to Climate emergency? When does America respond to Climate Change by enacting the War Production Act? We are at War with our Climate, if man loses this war, we’ll become extinct? Time is of the essence!

More than 90% of the excess heat trapped by greenhouse gas emissions is absorbed in the oceans. The records, starting in 1958, show an inexorable rise in ocean temperature, with an acceleration in warming after 1990.

Sea surface temperatures are a major influence on the world’s weather. Hotter oceans help supercharge extreme weather, leading to more intense hurricanes and typhoons and more moisture in the air, which brings more intense rains and flooding. Warmer water also expands, pushing up sea levels and endangering coastal cities.

The temperature of the oceans is far less affected by natural climate variability than the temperature of the atmosphere, making the oceans an undeniable indicator of global heating.

Revealed: how climate breakdown is supercharging toll of extreme weather

Last year is expected to be the fourth or fifth hottest recorded for surface air temperatures when the final data is collated. During 2022, we saw the third La Niña event in a row, which is the cooler phase of an irregular climate cycle centred on the Pacific that affects global weather patterns. When El Niño returns, global air temperatures will be boosted even higher.

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