TheVoiceOfJoyce Are there 10 million jobs available? According to the Chamber of Commerce, they exist. If so, why isn’t every firm posting their job opportunities and their salaries. We know Americans have a limited social safety net. The Affordable Care Act and limited unemployment benefits that helped 30% of the unemployed for a limited time. Meanwhile, the Care Act helped scammers and owners of Corporations, not necessarily, the employees. When will America transition to a humane society, resurrect our Middle Class and create jobs to maintain critical infrastructure?

a shortage of jobs paying sufficient wages to attract workers to fill job openings.

For most Americans, real (inflation-adjusted) wages continue to drop. Wages have been increasing less than prices.

Those price increases include the costs of food, energy, rent, childcare, eldercare and transportation (cars, gas and public transit) – all big expenses for working people.

Meanwhile, the federal minimum wage continues to plummet. It hasn’t been raised in 13 years – the longest period without a raise in its history. Adjusted for inflation, its real value is the lowest it’s been in 66 years.

You don’t have to be a financial wizard to see why some workers might say the hell with it.

Economists offered similar warnings of a “labor shortage” after the financial crisis and recession of 2008-09. But when the economy strengthened and wages rose, the so-called “labor shortage” magically disappeared.

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