TheVoiceOfJoyce Russia missiles destroy a Dnipro Apartment block, killing 100 and leaving several hundred homeless. In other regions of Ukraine, the fighting continues. The UK is committed to sending tanks now and training Ukrainian troops. Let’s hope the Ukrainian troops receive what they need, to make their counteroffensive decisive, as quickly as possible.

The UK foreign secretary, James Cleverly, has said “now is the time to accelerate and go further and faster” in giving Ukraine the support it needs.

In a column for the British tabloid the Sun on Sunday, Cleverly writes that the Russian army is on the defensive and morale among its troops is pitiful, pinning it on the “shambolic state of Russian military logistics”.

Cleverly points out that not a single one of the Russian operational commanders in place when the invasion began on 24 February last year is still in his job today.

“So this is exactly the right moment for Ukraine to seize the advantage,” he writes.

That’s why Britain has decided to speed up and increase our military support. We are going to supply Ukraine with up to 14 Challenger 2 main battle tanks – one of the most formidable fighting machines in the world, battle-proven in the Gulf.

Cleverly says the defence secretary, Ben Wallace, will confirm the details in the UK parliament tomorrow.

He writes that he “cannot remember a time when Nato was more united, or Russia more isolated”. TheVoiceOfJoyce

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