TheVoiceOfJoyce and so it begins, the erosion of Democracy. New Ohio restrictive Voter ID requirements, excludes 3 million out 8 million, registered voters. Is this Democracy? Many in Ohio lose their right to vote , if they have debts? That’s the equivalent of a poll tax. Ballot boxes are being limited, the days available to vote are limited, getting the correct documents are limited and paper ballots are limited. This isn’t representation of the people by the people or one person one vote. Why are restrictive state voting rights legal? Why isn’t Congress passing a Federal Voting Rights Law, negating State Laws that maintain the power of the few and silence the many?

It’s not clear how many voters in Ohio don’t have ID. One analysis from the state legislature estimated it could be hundreds of thousands of people, according to a state legislative analysis. More than 3 million Ohioans have their driver’s license suspended each year because of outstanding debt, according to an analysis from the Legal Aid Society of Cleveland.

About 98% of those who vote in the state use a photo ID, said Rob Nichols, a spokesperson for Frank LaRose, the state’s top election official. More than 8 million people are registered to vote in the state.

State officials have pledged to provide free identification to anyone who lacks one. But even those who use that process would face a cost in time and getting the required documents, voting groups say.

“Free is a questionable term,” Wimbish said. “The time it takes to take off work to go to the [motor vehicle office], get in line for one, who qualifies for one. Then of course like what if you don’t have the underlying documents that you need.”

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