TheVoiceOfJoyce The Ukrainian population has suffered from the destruction of their homes and infrastructure. Many are without food, water. It’s a humanitarian crisis and can be seen on the interactive maps provided. No wonder the fighting is fierce and deadlocked, troops are fighting in sub zero weather. The Russians are not entrenched, though 800,000 Ukrainians have been displaced, they remain resilient. Too bad, so much manpower must be lost, humanitarian aid is impossible, because one man has decided, Ukraine belongs to Russia. Why must man create non existent disasters, when the World is whipped by new tragedies daily?

Achille Després, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) spokesperson in Ukraine, said: “Attacks against civilian infrastructure have left millions facing the coldest nights of the year with limited heat, electricity and water. This makes basic activities like cooking, drinking clean water and staying warm extremely challenging.

“Communities close to the frontline and the most vulnerable people such as the elderly, children, people with disabilities and those who have been forced out of their homes, are among the most affected. Damages to critical infrastructure can plunge entire communities into despair and devastate civilian lives. International humanitarian law can offer crucial protection, but only if states respect their legal obligations.”

Ben McCann, an analyst at the Centre for Information Resilience, warned that millions of Ukrainians have been left without access to drinking water, cashless payments for groceries, telecommunications networks and heating. “The only factors that stopped these attacks from having a greater impact on Ukrainian human security was the civilian population’s resilience and the ability of authorities and communities to respond to these challenges proactively.”

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