TheVoiceOfJoyce What’s happening in Mississippi, isn’t staying in Mississippi. St. Louis, Missouri, is seeking to limit the voting rights of their Black population, too! Why should any State go back to the Jim Crow era, before the 1966 Voting Rights Law? With this proposed new Law, there will be separate AG appointed officials to administer justice, in a recently created mostly white district, in Jackson, Mississippi. Previously, most officers and officials of the court were elected. Why did Mississippi feel the need to dilute the Black vote and create a separate, white district? Has Mississippi ever reinstated water to Jackson’s mostly Black population? Mississippi Republicans deserve to lose elections for not representing the will of all the people of the State of Mississippi. Republican leadership presides over a State that has the following rankings among the States: #50 Healthcare, #49 Economy, #48 Infrastructure & #43 Education.

The proposal echoes laws that Mississippi enacted in the 1960s that did away with some local elected positions and replaced them with appointed officials, said Peyton McCrary, a former historian in the US justice department’s civil rights division.

“Back in 1966, right after the adoption of the Voting Rights Act, several different offices were switched from election to appointment,” he said. “And in other instances, the election was switched from single-member districts to at-large elections. All reflecting the concern of the Mississippi legislature that Black people now were going to be voting in significant numbers.”

Until 2013, when the US supreme court struck down a key provision of the Voting Rights Act, Mississippi had to get election changes approved by the federal government before they went into effect. Had the state submitted the proposal for the new district, McCrary said, he was certain it would not have been approved.

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