TheVoiceOfJoyce Salt Lake City is looking at the drying up of the Great Salt Lake and predicting that the perpetual dust clouds will be worse than a nuclear explosion. They’re predicting extraordinary pollution levels and extra deaths from respiratory diseases and cancer. The demise of the largest wetlands in the region, is not without dire consequences. Currently, Ohio is still reeling from toxins carried by rail and other states have tankers colliding with toxic fumes and these are combined with PFAS chemicals allowed in use. Our lifestyle choices are killing us and our environment. Still want to vote for politicians who welcome gridlock and not Research and Development, education, healthcare, infrastructure and good paying jobs for everyone.? Laying off manpower won’t solve our problems. Thinking about our problems and offering up parallel options are a start.

Salt Lake City, where air pollution is often already worse than that of Los Angeles, potentially provoking a myriad of respiratory and cancer-related problems.

This looming scenario, according to Ben Abbott, an ecologist at Brigham Young University, risks “one of the worst environmental disasters in modern US history”, surpassing the partial meltdown of the Three Mile Island nuclear reactor in Pennsylvania in 1979 and acting like a sort of “perpetual Deepwater Horizon blowout”.

Salt Lakers are set to be assailed by a “thick fog of this stuff that’s blowing through, it would be gritty. It would dim the light, it would literally go from day to night and it could absolutely be regular all summer,” said Abbott, who headed a sobering recent study with several dozen other scientists on the “unprecedented danger” posed by lake’s disintegration.

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