TheVoiceOfJoyce Why are those in need losing food stamps when inflation is up and it costs more to feed a family? The Pandemic era increase in SNAP benefits stops this month and food pantries are scrambling to provide food for the food insecure. In some states, like Florida and Tennessee, they have discretionary spending over the distribution of these services and food stamp allotments have been cut. How will many people, the poor and middle classes survive. It’s not labor causing inflation. If it’s not curtailed, look to Corporate greed and declining resources due to climate warming. Chickens are suffering from avian flu. Citrus trees have an Asian parasite. It’s time to decrease oil and gas subsidies, add windfall profit tax and provide a social safety net to most American Americans.

Things at the grocery store are so much more expensive and they’re gonna cut our food stamps? Well, we’re going to have to start eating a little less

Nicole Stevens

For example, a family of three with a net monthly income of $1,000 would have received approximately $440 in Snap benefits each month before the pandemic. With the help of emergency allotments, that same family could instead get $740 in Snap each month, the maximum benefit available for the household size. Meanwhile, a family of three with no income would have received $740 a month before the pandemic. With emergency allotments, that benefit rose to $835 monthly.

For Stevens, this policy translated to an additional $121 in food stamps each month. That money is now going away at the end of February.

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