TheVoiceOfJoyce The facts : Russia has lost more than 50% of their tanks. The tanks have been repurposed by the Ukrainians. Russia’s battle for Vuhledar has not ended well for Russian soldiers. Many Russians have lost their lives. Today, a new pro western PM was sworn into Moldova. Unfortunately, there is no consensus in Newspapers on when this war will end. If it goes into another year, loss of life, on both sides, will be in the 100,000’s. To this outside observer, a ceasefire and withdrawal of Russian troops makes sense.

The battle for the city of Vuhledar, which has been viewed as an opening move in an expected Russian spring offensive, has been playing out since the last week of January, but the scale of Moscow’s losses there is only now beginning to come into focus.

Accounts from Ukrainian and Western officials, Ukrainian soldiers, captured Russian soldiers and Russian military bloggers, as well as video and satellite images, paint a picture of a faltering Russian campaign that continues to be plagued by battlefield dysfunction.

In recent weeks, Moscow has rushed tens of thousands more troops, many of them inexperienced new recruits, to the front lines as President Vladimir V. Putin’s forces seek to demonstrate progress before the anniversary of his invasion on Feb. 24. But raising further doubts about Russia’s offensive capabilities, Western officials estimate that a large part of Russia’s army is already fighting in Ukraine.

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