AmericaSpeaksTheVoiceOfJoyce. Ep. 173: “Foreign Policy. US, China, Iran, & Israel”

One discussion on Foreign Policy is a beginning. Have you thought about American Foreign Policy?
Should we engage with World leaders? I would. I believe in understanding, communication and finding Common Ground.

I advise Joe Biden to meet with Xi Jinping and Bibi Netanyahu. Do it now while Ukraine needs an honest broker and Israel’s Bibi Netanyahu nerds encouragement to forge Judicial Reforms that work for all the people of Israel. Provide options to the current theocracy. There are 6 + million Jews who will be effected by the Knesset.

What would I propose? A constitution. A government representative of all the people. I’ve written arguments for a one state and two state solution. I’ve got a third way too!

What else concerns me? Minority rule and propaganda. The Taiwanese counter propaganda and their methods should be copied. Wouldn’t you want the culture wars influence to be less?

My Foreign Policy in brief.

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