TheVoiceOfJoyce The foreign service experts in the EU, US & GB agree, the West most go “all in “ on Ukraine. It’s the only way to bring Putin to the negotiating table. The terms, to early to state. One thing is clear, Putin will need an exit ramp and we’ll all have to continue talks with Russia and China. The world cannot afford a stalemate in Ukraine. Democracy and the World’s food supply depend upon the Ukrainian “bread basket”.

They said the west “has to go all in” and there was no time for complacency.

“We have to provide the weapons and ammunition Ukraine needs to fight, and defeat Putin’s war of aggression. The faster Putin understands that he will not achieve his objectives in Ukraine, the earlier peace can be achieved, and the sooner the suffering of the Ukrainian people will end,” they wrote.

“Ukraine needs the combined force of tanks, longer-range missiles and aircraft to conduct a successful counterattack, paving the way to Ukrainian victory and peace negotiations on acceptable terms.”

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