AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce When will today’s extremist GOP realize 70% of Americans are for gun safety Laws? It may sound good to say, Laws regulating gun usage are anti freedom. The GOP is forgetting about the freedoms of 48,000 Americans who lost their lives to gun violence. Why should families walk in fear of gun toting individuals, ready to pull the trigger on a person they don’t even know? More guns aren’t the answer. Restricting the use of guns is the answer. To paraphrase, Justice Scalia, he stated no one has the right to carry a gun, everywhere for any reason. 70% of the Nation agree. Evidently, the Mayor, of Idaho Falls, where the Rittenhouse/ GOP event occurred, said the he and the GOP didn’t speak for the town’s residents

He was found not guilty of homicide in November 2021.

The now 20-year-old Rittenhouse, who told the crowd in Idaho that the government was seeking to “take our guns” and “take the rest of our freedoms”, has become a darling of the far right since the shooting, appearing on Fox News and other rightwing media.

The embrace and lauding of someone like Rittenhouse is dangerous, said Stephen Piggott, a researcher at Western States Center who focuses on white nationalist, paramilitary and anti-democracy groups.

“Elected officials and media personalities should really be denouncing political violence, not embracing it,” Piggott said.

“For a GOP [group] to not only host and organize a fundraiser with him, and a shooting range event, call that event Trigger Time, I think really is the very epitome of glorifying political violence.”

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