AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce A Michigan County clerk has been removed from office, for spreading misinformation about the 2020 election, sharing voting data with a 3 rd Party and refusing to maintain the voting machines. The People of Michigan, who prefer the truth to lies, are fighting back. Michigan’s election security problems are not limited to Michigan. Lawsuits have been started in Pennsylvania, Georgia and Arizona. The People are fighting to take back our Democracy and truth. Who knows, perhaps the truth will go back to 2016 and ensnare Donald Trump and his campaign managers? Why did they give poling data to the Russians!?

Deepening tensions in rural and conservative Hillsdale county, Michigan, are coming to a head in a recall election for an election-denying township clerk who has been accused of spreading misinformation and mishandling a vote tabulator.

Elected in Adams Township in 2020, Stephanie Scott, who ran unopposed, has spent her years as a clerk – a position that would typically oversee township elections – mostly removed from the electoral process. After she refused to turn over a voting machine for regular maintenance in 2021, allegedly shared confidential voter data with a third-party IT analyst, and spread lies about election-rigging, the Michigan Bureau of Elections removed Scott’s power to administer elections.

Michigan’s election security problems are not limited to the small township. Similar alleged security breaches surfaced across the politically competitive state following the 2020 elections as some poll workers and clerks, convinced by Donald Trump’s baseless claims of election fraud, attempted to access tabulators. A special prosecutor in Michigan has reportedly convened a secret grand jury to investigate.

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