AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Do Democratically controlled states, care more about their citizens, then Republican States and the Federal Government? Unfortunately for US, the answer is yes! It’s a known fact PFAS chemicals, a group of 15, 000 compounds, causes cancer, toxic water, autoimmune diseases and more. Many Democratic States are banning the manufacture of these products, stopping the toxicity, before it starts. Why not have a better future now, demand your State and all Corporations desist from using PFAS chemicals. California, New York, Colorado, Maryland, Washington and others have convinced major businesses; McDonalds, Patagonia, Victoria Secret, Home Depot, Ralph Lauren, Whole Foods, Sephora and Target to stop using these products. When will our Federal Government enact bipartisan Legislation, banning the manufacture and use of PFAS chemicals, and save all our lives?

Clothing/textiles. California, New York and Washington banned PFAS in clothing, while multiple states are prohibiting the chemicals’ use in textiles, such as carpets or furniture upholstery, or in children’s products like car seats and strollers.

Cosmetics/personal care. California, Colorado and Maryland banned PFAS in all cosmetics and personal care products.

Food packaging/cookware. About 10 states have prohibited PFAS in some food packaging, and several also bar it in cookware.

Firefighting foam. At least 15 states have banned or limited the use of firefighting foam with PFAS because it is a major source of water pollution.

Maine has gone several steps further with a ban on all non-essential uses of PFAS, and the momentum continues this session in 33 states where legislation has been introduced. Vermont’s senate unanimously approved a ban on the chemicals in cosmetics, textiles and artificial turf.

The state policies may make it financially and logistically impractical for many companies to continue using PFAS, and their effects could reverberate across the economy.

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