AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce They say for every step forward, we take two steps backwards! Surely passing lax child Work Laws, personifies the venality of our Legislators. Today, we know, for sure, unemployment has increased. We know age discrimination, gender discrimination and race discrimination exists in Corporate America and the Federal Government, many are seeking good paying jobs. Instead of making it easier for older Americans to work and support their families, Congress is proposing that we revert to past tragedies and employ our kids instead? No wonder Americans are feeling alone and isolated. We’re a dysfunctional society, with a few people pushing back. When do we unite and secure a better future now?

The logging bill is just one of several efforts across the US to roll back child labor protections at a time when many employers are still struggling to fill jobs.

Backed by big business and lobby groups, politicians nationwide are pushing attempts to expand work hours for minors, expand the industries minors are permitted to work in, reduce enforcement and legislate sub-minimum wages for minors. These rollbacks at the federal and state levels are being proposed even as child labor violations have soared in recent years.

The logging industry is one of the most dangerous fields in which to work in the US, consistently leading with the highest workplace fatality rate in the nation.

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