AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce The residents of Cancer Alley are fighting back against the toxicity and cancer caused by the Petrochemical Industry. Michael Bloomberg is providing grass roots advocates with money to counteract 120 new projects proposed by the Fossil Fuel Industry. This is good news. Limiting Emissions from the Petrochemical Industry is a necessity. Let’s stop Global Warming and increase our chances of survival. Why can’t the Petrochemical Industries understand, we must stop our reliance on fossil fuels and create clean energy, even utilizing Thorium reactors to power our World . New technologies, new jobs, better health. A win win for America.

In recent years, the activists have successfully fought construction of two multibillion-dollar plastics facilities and what would have been the nation’s largest methanol plant. The growing concerns have caught the attention of the Environmental Protection Agency, which earlier this year sued a manufacturer of neoprene in the state for not doing enough to reduce its cancer-causing air emissions.

Now, those same groups are receiving millions of dollars from Michael Bloomberg and his Beyond Petrochemicals campaign, and the Louisiana energy and chemical companies along with the states’ business-boosting groups have, in turn, created the Louisiana Industry Sustainability Council – originally called the Industry Defense Council.

“If they could do this with no money, imagine what would happen if they in fact had money,” said Beverly Wright, founder and executive director of the Deep South Center for Environmental Justice, one of the recipients of money from the Bloomberg campaign, an $85m effort in Louisiana, Texas and Pennsylvania targeting 120 new proposed petrochemical facilities. “They should be scared.”America

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