AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce First the GOP attempted to make our Country less safe, by encouraging hate crimes and gun violence. Some Governors, like DeSantis , are banning books. Now, a PAC, supported by Trump, wants to make it difficult for kids to vote on College Campuses, in “swing states”? Where does their venality end? With 12 – 16 million incarcerated, too many Americans, have unjustly lost their rights to Vote. Fight back and don’t elect the GOP to government. If debating how to deal with Donald Trump in the media, in 2024, it’s simple, with a Media Blackout!

The scrutiny of Mitchell, who runs the Election Integrity Network at the pro-Trump Conservative Partnership Institute to which a Trump Pac donated $1m dollars, was sparked by recent comments Mitchell made to Republican donors, and a watchdog report criticizing her advisory role with a federal election panel.

Long known for advocating stricter voting rules that are often premised on unsupported allegations of sizable voting fraud, Mitchell last month promoted new voting curbs on students in a talk to a group of wealthy donors to the Republican National Committee, efforts that critics call partisan and undemocratic.

Mitchell’s private RNC address to rich donors zeroed in on curbing college campus voting rules, automatic mailing of ballots to registered voters and same-day voter registration, as the Washington Post first reported.

The talk by Mitchell, who has done legal work for Republican committees, members of Congress and conservative groups such as the National Rifle Association, focused on college campuses in key swing states including Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, Virginia and Wisconsin, all of which have large college campuses.

In an audio of her remarks obtained by liberal journalist Lauren Windsor, Mitchell slammed college voting procedures.

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