AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce If Fox News is not accountable for their disinformation campaigns, they won’t stop. I’m surprised a department of Homeland Security was disbanded because Fox News escalated their campaign of harassment. Fox News controls over 30% of all American media, it’s broadcast to our Military and disseminates lies, misogyny and hatred. Isn’t it time for the FCC to limit its access and reach? When media knowingly incites hatred and violence, undermines trust in our democracy, shouldn’t their licensing audience be reduced? If there are no guidelines for curtailing falsehoods, reform section 230 of the FCC Communications Decency Act and make News Channels and Social Media Platforms accountable for content!

In addition to Dominion’s $1.6bn suit, which alleged Fox had spread the lie that its voting machines helped steal the 2020 presidential election from Donald Trump, the media company is facing a separate action brought by another voting machine firm, Smartmatic.

Carlson’s former booker, Abby Grossberg, is also suing Fox alleging its one-time star fostered an abusive workplace culture.

Jankowicz faces a daunting mountain to climb in taking on the Murdoch empire. As a public figure holding an important federal role at the time of the alleged defamation, she must clear a very high legal standard.

She must show that the broadcaster acted with “actual malice” in disseminating false statements about her that it knew were untrue, or that it showed “reckless disregard” in airing those statements without checking their veracity.

The complaint claims that the channel mentioned more than 150 times that Jankowicz intended to monitor and censor free speech. In fact, the disinformation board had no powers to censor or surveil anyone, it was merely designed to co-ordinate the efforts of other government entities.

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