AmericaSpeaksTheVoiceOfJoyce. Ep. 182: “Apocalypse”

We had two ecological catastrophes this week. Both made by man. Makes me wonder, are we interested in preserving life or are we rushing toward Extinction? Man has gone extinct encore?

I’d rather be hopeful and view the unhealthy air and pollution coming to us from Canada can be contained. Perhaps our leaders will learn to cooperate instead of uselessly wringing their hands with us.

We need Emergency Action. We need to invoke the War Production Act and give everyone air purifiers and air conditioning, better schooling, wiFi connectivity, transportation and renewable infrastructure. No need to worry about inflation, there are many jobs to be filled.

Our 2nd Catastrophe was perpetrated by Putin, who wants to be remembered along with Hitler. He blew up the KHERSON DAM and most likely ruptured his own Ammonia Pipeline. He shot at fleeing Ukrainians, destroyed the Ukrainian farm belt and most likely poisoned the Black Sea. The Crimean’s are fleeing their peninsula and the World looks on in horror. Is there no one in a position to confront and control Putin’s atrocities?

Forever hopeful, I’ve got several Laws and innovations to talk about as well.

If it were up to me, I’d choose life and living. Going extinct, been tried successfully before, it might be a pleasant change to use our minds to get out of the Climate Emergency we’ve created.

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