TheVoiceOfJoyce Ukrainian counteroffensive is underway and Putin is desperately seeking convicted, but not sentenced felons, for conscription. Putin is cozying up to Cuba, just like the bad old days of the 1960’s. Russian Territory bordering the Ukraine is being shelled. The Ukrainians are making progress in fierce battles. Hopefully, African Nations will reject Putin and realize he’s responsible for their food insecurity. Much is happening in the EU and US. Ukrainians are being given the weapons they need to take back their territory.

Vladimir Putin will hold talks in Moscow on Wednesday with Cuba’s prime minister, Manuel Marrero Cruz, the Kremlin said.

Russia is seeking to bolster relations with Latin American, African and other non-western countries as the west tries to isolate and economically punish it for its invasion of Ukraine.

The Russian president, Vladimir Putin, with the prime minister of Cuba, Manuel Marrero Cruz. Photograph: Mikhail Metzel/AP

Germany enshrined a Nato commitment to spending 2% of its gross domestic product on defence and identified Russia as the biggest threat to European security as the government announced its first ever National Security Strategy on Wednesday.

Here are some of the highlights of Germany’s strategy outlined in a policy document and at a government press conference, as reported by Reuters:

Russia is the biggest threat to peace in the Euro-Atlantic area

Russia is trying to destabilise European democracies, weaken EU and Nato

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said it is important to continue to discuss security guarantees for Ukraine, including when the war ends

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