AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce Montana unfortunately has suffered another environmental disaster. A railroad, carrying cars with molten sulfur and hot asphalt, crashed into the Yellowstone River. It’s presumed heavy rains and flooding may have damaged the bridge, prior to its collapse. The EPA and the National Transportation Board are investigating the spillage of toxins into the river. WiFi in Montana was also affected. Water was diverted away from farms and households. The bridge next to this one, was torn down in 2021. Now that Federal money is available, it’s a good time to check all Infrastructure and rebuild as necessary.

A bridge that crosses the Yellowstone River in Montana collapsed early on Saturday, plunging portions of a freight train carrying hazardous materials into the rushing water below.

The train cars were carrying hot asphalt and molten sulfur, Stillwater county disaster and emergency services said. Officials shut down drinking water intakes downstream while they evaluated the danger after the 6am accident. An Associated Press reporter witnessed a yellow substance coming out of some of the tank cars.

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David Stamey, the county’s chief of emergency services, said there was no immediate danger for the crews working at the site, and the hazardous material was being diluted by the swollen river. There were three asphalt cars and four sulfur cars in the river.

The train crew was safe and no injuries were reported, Montana Rail Link spokesman Andy Garland said in a statement. The asphalt and sulfur both solidify quickly when exposed to cooler temperatures, he said.

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