TheVoiceOfJoyce Based on the latest information, I wouldn’t give credence to Putin’s bluster. Timothy Snyder, the historian, discounts Putin’s ability to hold onto power. He left Moscow when Prigozhin advanced. Prigozhin shot down 6 Helicopters and 1 plane enroute to Moscow. This is a battle for control of Russia by two Fascist Oligarchs. Besides being a Mercenary, Prigozhin owns and operates mines in Africa and was head of the Internet Research Agency, Russia’s propaganda machine. Russia has been weakened. Many of the military are out of the Ukraine. This may be an opening for Zelensky’s successful advance, given all the weapons he needs. Then Ukraine can pursue peace. Russian may be too preoccupied now, as it gets its house in order. The Elites will decide who rules Russia and the people will accept their verdict. You did notice, no one demonstrated in the streets in support of Putin? Wait and see!

Podolyak continued: “Putin’s state vertical is incurably sick, weak, fearful and ready for any concessions in order to preserve physical life and material assets. Any organised military group will be able to seize control without encountering resistance … This means the longer Putin remains a nominal president and the longer he drags out this absolutely catastrophic war for Russia, the greater the resulting risk of collapse, internal bloody wars with possible looting, including of weapons of mass destruction.”

This analysis amounts to a critique of a view expressed by some in the Biden administration that Moscow could respond with nuclear weapons, if Ukraine’s counter-offensive this year enjoys “catastrophic success”.

Podolyak argues that the reverse is true. He wants the US and its allies to give Ukraine “everything it needs” so it can “deal a final blow” to the Putin regime.

They believe a “successor” chosen by Russia’s elite will increase stability and lead to the country’s gradual post-Putin transformation.

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