TheVoiceOfJoyce The African Climate Summit is under way and the Continent needs cheap plentiful Solar and wind power. Sustainable energy replaces diesel fuel and illuminates 100’s of millions, providing growth opportunities for entrepreneurs. It’s a no brainer, link the funds to benchmarks that help citizens.

He co-founded Nuru to try to solve that problem. It negotiated a partnership with a consortium of philanthropic funds, anchored by the Bezos Earth Fund and the Rockefeller and Ikea foundations, that agreed to put in the majority of the recent funding, which is intended to give Nuru a chance to prove that, rather than being a risky investment, it is an enterprise that can make money and transform the local economy.

“What countries are most responsible for emissions?”

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“We’re trying to use philanthropic money to create proof points to get the market moving and show it’s less risky than international lending institutions and private banks think,” said Simon Harford, the chief executive of the consortium, known as the Global Energy Alliance for People and Planet.

With the money, Nuru will increase its urban microgrids in Congo to four, from one, and be able to produce 13 times as much electricity. The company eventually hopes to provide millions of Congolese with cheaper and more reliable electricity than what is produced by the diesel generators that most now use.

More than 70 million of Congo’s 100 million people cannot afford or access electricity. Its population is currently growing faster than new electricity customers are being brought online.

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