TheVoiceOfJoyce Kaiser Permanente healthcare workers prepare to strike for better working conditions. 75,000 reported to be ready to strike for better staffing, standards of care and better pay. How many other healthcare workers are understaffed? Are you striking? Should American institutions have a Federal Standard of care, benefiting the patient and the caregiver? Why is there enough money for Corporate compensation from huge profits and profits don’t trickle down to Labor’s salaries or benefit patients?

More than 75,000 healthcare workers at the US’s largest non-profit private healthcare provider, Kaiser Permanente, are poised to strike on 4 October in the largest healthcare strike in US history.

The workers’ union contract expired at the weekend and staff are pushing for significant improvements to staffing levels and wage increases that account for recent high inflation.

“It just seems like there is no concern for short-staffing and patient care. It’s mind blowing to see Kaiser Permanente that was once an industry leader that liked to call themselves the gold standard of care, be so out of touch with employees, with their patients, and their more focused on putting profits over patient care,” said Henry Perez, an intensive care unit secretary at Kaiser Permanente in Modesto, California, for about four years.

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