TheVoiceOfJoyce China suffering severe drought and is offering assistance to farmers to help maintain their meager supplies. While they’re using coal in the short term, they’re investing heavily in R&D to be energy and food sufficient. Before Putin’s War on Ukraine, they we’re getting corn imports from the Ukraine. They’ve also invested in large vertical farms. Hydropower is unfortunately an option. Like most of Europe, their rivers are running dry. In the mid west and west, America has seen 1000 yr floods, 5 times in 5 weeks, the water doesn’t sink into the parched land. There must be a way to contain some of this excess water for future use. More flooding will occur, be prepared. The droughts, floods, fires are a Global concern. Earth is experiencing a weather extreme emergency and we the People, must seize this opportunity to change , establish R& D centers and get to Zero emission’s as quickly as possible. More mining, to disrupt our water supply may not be advantageous, we need new technologies and a way to encourage soil growth and water conservation.

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