TheVoiceOfJoyce I quite agree, the Planet is in a Climate Emergency now! It was predicted, by the Frank Press report in 1977, that the year 2000 on, would experience Climate Heat, flooding, die offs of life unprecedented. It’s happening now. 2000 died last week in Spain and Portugal. Billions of marine life died in the Warm Pacific Ocean and off the Coral reefs of Australia. Water resources are diminishing. Crops are dying in the West, EU, Asia, India, Africa. When will our Politicians notice and start our path to alternative clean energy? Why are we still Subsidizing the Fossil Fuel Industry at $16Billion a day? A $Trillion dollars to Fossil Fuels would be better spent on transitioning Coal Mines to Solar and Wind Energy, utilizing people and clean energy now! How many have to die, before our Countries take Climate Action seriously?

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