AmericaSpeaks TheVoiceOfJoyce The Fight for $15. It’s an ongoing fight for a $15 hourly wage minimum.

Only 12 States have implemented the $15 min wage. It never passed Congress. Guess, a living wage is inflationary, while making $31 million is good for Business? It’s time the USA got its priorities right. There is no commerce without Labor.

Wages that don’t keep pace with Inflation are not enough. Unite and demand more pay for more work. Especially, during this stressful time, labor needs a work life balance!

Pass a minimum wage bill in Congress of $15 hour and get rid of the $7.25 standard wage and $2.19 tipping wage minimum. People deserve a chance to survive with dignity, fair wages and benefits. When does Congress set rules of Accountability for the Corporate State? When does Congress or the Federal Government, erase the income limit for FICA contributions? It’s time to resurrect the Middle Class!

Twelve states and Washington DC have adopted a $15 minimum hourly wage, although in many states it’s being phased in. Even deep-red Nebraska has embraced a $15 minimum, while Hawaii has approved an impressive $18 minimum to be phased in between now and 2028.

“The movement’s success is inspirational,” said Yannet Lathrop, a policy analyst at the National Employment Law Project. “It has helped 26 million workers across the US win $150bn per year in additional pay. Its impact for workers of color is significant. About 12 million workers of color have benefited and their additional earnings are $76bn a year.” For workers whose wages rose, this means an average raise of roughly $6,000 a year.

The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) helped create and underwrite the Fight for $15 movement because it believed that the US was paying far too little attention to the plight of low-wage workers. Fight for $15 began in New York and relied on a series of one-day strikes that inspired fast-food workers in other cities. It ultimately expanded to staging strikes in 340 US cities on the movement’s fourth anniversary in 2016.

“The key accomplishment was that the Fight for $15, which was led by black, brown and immigrant workers all across the country, taught all workers that when you join together you can make changes in your jobs and in your lives,” Mary Kay Henry, the SEIU’s president, told the Guardian.

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