Moving along, the People get it!

1. NYTimes Election Day 2012. Unions want to be able to contribute to Politician’s campaigns. Why not? Under the Citizens United decision corporations are people. Corporations are made up of individuals; so, as logic dictates, are unions. Why should they be denied the rights of other organizations? California is doing just that, trying to prevent Unions from contributing to politicians thru Super PACS. Freedom of speech is a given, there should be a level playing field. If not, this is another reason to strike down Citizens United.

2. NY Times Iran’s President ties recent drop in currency to USLed sanctions . The “people” are demonstrating in the streets because of the drop in the value of their currency. A very disgruntled populace, composed of ordinary shop keepers and others, have taken to the streets in protest. This fluctuation in currency may do more to de- rail the path to war then bullets?

3. NYTimes editorial Mr. Schneiderman presents his case. Thanks to NY’s Martin Law our AG can pursue Bank fraud without claiming there was an intent to de- fraud. The Schneiderman lawsuit alleges a broad pattern of fraud and misrepresentation. This lawsuit would become a model for prosecuting other Banks. If he can’t succeed it won’t be for lack of trying. But one wonders where are the vast resources of the Justice Dept., the IRS , the SEC and executive branch to back him up?

4. LOL What a treat to read a brief editorial in FT 9/9/12 by Dr. Claire Lacoste Kapstein who has been designing fashions for the “mature” woman of limited means. 65 is not so old and every woman, independent of age and shape wants to “look put together and professional”. It would be great to see more clothing choices at affordable prices. Thanks. New industry in America, everyone?

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