PUBLIC ADVOCACY: Blogher13 (Women who LEAN IN)

Personal Prologue:  Blogher13 , was attended by  4000+ women, who conquered their surroundings and have “leaned in” for change.  This is not a political organization, it is a group of women formed through a common bond; we Blog.  We blog about our selves, our world, stuff, anything that is relevant to us and we use social media to project our voices. 


As we explore our surroundings, we learn, we experiment and we develop, unafraid to appear “stupid”, “foolish” or “inappropriate”, as self empowered women , we want to share! 


Meeting and feeling an instant attachment and love for many of these women, was a revelation for me.  Though I have always supported women’s rights I never felt a part of “The Sisterhood”.  Sons were worshipped in my family.  I had male friends, I worked ” in a man’s” world.  This was an awesome experience for me.  Life changing in many ways as my own personal Journey continues.


Perhaps,  many of us, at The Conference, may have overcome obstacles to become forth right empowered women .  From my vantage point, many of our journey’s are just beginning.  We are choosing to share our world with others’ ,  which is more empowering and more satisfying, then I ever imagined. 


The next Post’s will highlight some of the people and events I personally encountered.  Their stories are worth telling.  I felt that so many at the conference, had so much to share:   all were awesome, fierce, loving, interesting, playful; great women to know for our time!  We are choosing.

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