PUBLIC ADVOCACY: What’s new? The Middle East & Congress

I’m sitting in Battery Park enjoying the view… as the World and Congress spin out of control? Not so fast.

Perhaps we can get beyond the litany and see what’s been accomplished:

1. Syria, after admitting to many new “gas” attacks, is letting the UN inspectors in next week.  Thanks to Russian support.


Who knows the eventual outcome of this devastating civil war?  There appears to be a power vacuum, except for Assad?  And he intends to remain through 2014 and negotiations.  He got the better deal.

2. The Iranians have a sudden urge to join the International community.  All of a sudden, time is of the essence: 3- 6 months to negotiate terms, preferably in their favor, reducing sanctions foremost, while stopping the enrichment process.  Not so fast. This is a high stakes game for the region.  If Iran fails to deliver a valid wind down of their Nuclear Potential, this pause may not be a pause that refreshes.  Wait and see?  Meanwhile, never lose sight of Khameneinie!  He’s the one pulling the strings along with the hard liners who have been brought up on hatred of the West and Israel.


3. Congress can’t pass a budget and wants to hold either the debt ceiling  or Obamacare hostage. I call them “domestic terrorists”. Actually they are WMD’s: people suffer and die while the country pours resources into their maintenance. (Note: I advocate for effective government, not dysfunction!) Too bad they are paid to do harm at our expense. Worse, if and when , they do the right thing they’ll want applause and adulation.  Their dance is still continuing!

4. LOL. It’s so beautiful and peaceful, more folks should be out inhaling the best air quality in NYC in 50 yrs.

New York Skyline

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