PUBLIC ADVOCACY: Washington the City on the Hill

By Justin Weingartner "Crabs in the Barrel"
By Justin Weingartner
“Crabs in the Barrel”

Fish in the barrel, crabs on the net, it’s all the same to US. We’re stuck behind the net, we have no way to reach Washington, to tell them of our plight. It’s a walled off city representing themselves. No more pretense. No more government by the people , for the people. Instead we’ve got many $’s per vote. Is this 1776, taxation without representation? Feeling ” Mad as hell yet”?

Whether it’s protecting the Country from the Bankers or the Country from the Monopolies or Oligopolies or increasing unemployment, poverty, debt; credit card, mortgage, student loans: Washington turns a deaf ear to US. Yet government actively supports all these groups because they benefit directly from them. The monopolies, the Bankers, the Lobbyists are rewarded at our expense.

I’ve provided 2 links, showing our loss of power, while we directly pay for The Middle Class demise. Read and become ” Mad as hell!”

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