PUBLIC ADVOCACY: Have Corporate Rights replaced Democracy?

Benito Mussolini20 years ago, as I was peacefully driving through the Berkshires with a friend, we had a philosophical conversation about Democracy and Democratic values.  To my partners surprise, I stated that the end of Democracy was Fascism.  Not realizing then,  1995 , was the seminal year for the reversal of most of our laws that kept Democracy intact.   During the last years of the Clinton Era, Glass Steagall, our Bible for Banking regulation was eviscerated and later “replaced ” by Dodd Frank, which allows the “Wall Street Casino” to exist.  Next, the 1946 and 1961 Lobbying Legislation was replaced by a new “disclosure act”,  which makes it difficult to determine who is a lobbyist and the amount of their influence.   This was the beginning of the erosion of Power of “we the People”, in favor of Corporate Interests.  The continued evolution of our Laws has allowed ” the Corporate State ” to exist .


What happens when the Power of  government  is married to the interests of the “large Corporation, the Global Corporation”?  Take a look at Benito Mussolini’s definition of fascism:  It is defined as the merger of state and corporate power.  Therefore, according to 20th Century Italians, the structure of fascism occurs when the government’ power is merged  with corporate economic power.  Have we become” FASCISTS”?!!


Most of our Laws since the mid 20th Century have favored the Corporation over the rights of the individual.  We rail against entitlements, while we give millions, billions and trillions to Corporations through tax breaks, we permit Lobbying Groups to influence Congressmen,  we allow  Legal enablers of the Corporation  to circumvent laws they helped write and now , with a stroke of the pen, the Supreme Court has legalized bribery of Public Officials.  What happened to government “by the People for the People”?'s dissent A six figure check can now buy your representative? NY Times Opinion

We the people have no rights and soon we will have no liberty.  We will never be in a position to purchase our own representative on any level.  We can delude ourselves into thinking that States are separate from the Federal Government and will provide adequate and just services for the masses.  Dream on!   As long as Corporations have greater rights then We the People, We the People have no voice.     Stagnation exists for a reason.    The Powers  in place now,  haven’t figured out  how to carve up the entire pie without “killing us off too soon”.


Remember, Goldwater at the 1964 Republican Convention?   As he accepted the nomination for President, he stated, ” extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice!  And moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue!”


Therefore, I challenge the 4 retired Presidents , with extensive staffs and the ability to do tremendous “good”,  especially President George H.W. Bush, to sit back and look at our Democracy and join with “we the People” and help reinstate the rules of Law, that would make “We the People, for the People”, our sacred creed,  once again!   What has been overturned by man, can be reinstated to benefit man!


What do you think dear reader?  We should make a choice to have a voice!  “We the People, for the People”, I think is something we all long for?

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