PUBLIC ADVOCACY: We are all Disenfranchised!

Let me count the ways. In today’s NY TIMES, 3/31/14, several articles appeared detailing, the isolation of the individual , while Corporate rights are ascendant at Taxpayer expense. There are solutions using ” the rule of Law”. Since 1961, we, the Middle Class have abrogated our rights by ” silently” agreeing to Laws favoring The Corporation. The Solution is up to US.

1. The Latinos feel there is no purpose in registering to vote because their voice is not counted or heard .

The Solution: Overturn Citizens United and Re-instate one man one vote.
For further in depth reading, google, The Brennan Law School’s review of Citizen’s United and Voting Rights Law.

2. General Motors was aided and abetted by Regulators when their ignition flaw problem was covered up.

The Solution: close the revolving door between regulators and industries regulated. Including, but not limited to Lawyers defending Corporations , Lobbyists, etc. Government is not a training ground for Private abuse of the law at taxpayer expense. Previously under Bill Clinton, there was a 5 year waiting period between Government Employment and ” the revolving door ” to Business Employment , somewhat limiting  the ” conflict of interest” at the Public’s expense.

3. New Bedford, Pa., 4 people wished to opt out of fracking in the Marcellus Shale area. However, since 99% of the folks in the area had agreed to this process, they have no right to opt out under a 1961 law which allows “fringe parcels” to be included without property owners’ agreement?  This ” Forced pooling”  law exists in 40 States and was ” creatively” designed to benefit large Corporations as they drill for every last drop of ” oil and gas”?  The Corporations claim they were beneficent?

The Solution: Debate all Laws that mandate the loss of individual rights at the taxpayers expense. Every time we favor a Corporation with tax incentives, the Middle Class pays!  Remember the Lobbyists  creed? Aptly cited in today’s Times, 4/2/14, if you don’t have a seat at the table, you are on the menu!

4. LOL: Heard on Bill Moyers, 3/30/14, Diane Ravitch speak on behalf of the Public School system. When she speaks, she makes common sense, fund our schools with our tax dollars.

The Solution: use all good ideas, like Charter schools to help failing schools. Stop penalizing our teachers for poverty stricken neighborhoods and kids. See  John Elfrank’s blog, linked below.   This is one teacher’s opinion.    What solution would you propose to create a more effective  “the Public School System”?   Get involved, our kids are our future!  Always room for debate!


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