PUBLIC ADVOCACY: Time to move forward

images-5The Economist. 2009, and now 2014,  we’re still talking about the financial crisis development and the possible solutions for our time.   We are still enabling Bankers and the Banking system, while the rest of the Country remains stifled at the expense of a few. A privileged few. The Country has enabled this sector of the Economy at the expense of 300,000,000, who suffer in silence.   This is not the first time we the people have suffered at the expense  of The Banking Industry, unfortunately history repeats.  Why do ” we the people”  suffer in silence, I have no idea. Me personally, I’m Mad as Hell, but without the help of ” the younger voting block”, a real organization ” for the People, of the People”, I don’t believe my voice counts. I keep saying there are solutions and they do exist, but we need a powerful organization to start the process of encoding laws and selecting future candidates for office. One thing is evident from everything I’ve read, if we keep enabling The Banking system, we the People, will be bailing them out again, as unlimited money encourages unlimited risk. Conversely, no bailout, history shows produces, laws and calm for the Country for 50-70 yrs. Who among us wouldn’t want the Peace and time required to develop the job skills to move our Nation forward?


There are two years before the next real election cycle, it is time to organize and develop the laws of this land. Nothing is impossible if you have the willingness to work to make your dreams come true. I don’t believe in waiting a lifetime for change. We have the power  to create change , if we organize together.

Why NOW? Are you aware, 25 million kids receive food stamps ? The other 25 million on food stamps are mostly the elderly. How do we know, Eli Saslow, of the Washington Post , recently won the Pulitzer Prize for his reporting on the Food Stamp / Food insufficiency problems in America. So,  14 % of” we the people ”  starve as a few in Banking , Banking subsidiaries and Congressman become wealthy. Fair is a ” silly ” word.   I know nothing is fair, but egregious, that’s what we’ve created, an inequitable condition where only a few win at everyone else’s expense.


When “Politics effects us all”, isn’t it time to organize and reinstate equitable rules of Law and Regulation?  Speaking for myself, I’d rather be at the Head of the table, then anyone’s Lunch!

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