PUBLIC ADVOCACY: The Solution resides with”we the People”

We the people
We the people, for the People

I’m outraged as I watch helplessly while “we the People”, are suffering, losing our dignity and our jobs.  Neither Party, except a dedicated few in Congress, is helping “we the People”, to overcome the demise of our Middle Class.  I’ve linked today’s NY Times article on the condition of Middle Class Americans compared to those in the Middle Class around the World.  Clearly we are not thriving.

Please read the article and you decide, how “we American’s have survived”? The condition of American Middle Class


Wake up and smell the coffee, the  GOP HAS AN AGENDA and  SO DO THE DEMS, and neither party, with the exception of a few,  is helping “we the people”.  The last bill out of the Roberts Court is heinous, but which group in Congress is stepping up to overturn Citizens United?  (Only Al Franken and Bernie Sanders and a few others support it’s overturn.    3/4 of the States  are required to vote to overturn a Constitutional Amendment.)   Justice Stevens at age 94 has proposed 6 Solutions to bring back our Democracy in his new book.  Ideology no longer matters, if wrong thinking and wrong decisions have led to the decimation of the Middle Class.  Read Justice Stevens recommendations for Constitutional amendments and, you dear reader, decide what would work “best” for our Country and you.   Justice Stevens Solution 
to ending our Market Society


It no longer matters who gave Rupert Murdoch, more then 30%of the media in this Country,  or why  Glass Steagall was overturned , and why  the revolving door between Government and Lobbyists, Legal enablers and Big Business was allowed ?  There is a long list of Laws that have been overturned to create the Corporate Welfare State.   In Great Britain, it has been suggested, that rather then the lawmakers maintain the status quo, they should do something and reinstate all the laws they overturned.  See The Economist, 4/5/14, “Britain’s Idle Parliament”.  I note this commentary, because it is applicable to US as well!

This Plutocratic society is pandemic. Circle the globe, inequality exists between the upper classes and everyone else as the Plutocrats seek to maintain the status quo. We are not living in a benevolent society, we are reliving the hard times of 1901 when Plutocrats ruled.   In 1901, Teddy Roosevelt used The Bully Pulpit and sought to overturn “the Trusts”.  He was not content to bear witness as inequality persisted.  This egregious state of inequality keeps reoccurring throughout history but always ends.   The only question is when.

Wake up America, this is not about right or left, this is about Plutocracy and the rights of “We the People”. Trust me, we are important or the large Corporations ,  Lobbyists and Big Money,  wouldn’t be paying Billions to elect officials. It pains me, that I couldn’t buy a Congressman, even if I wanted. I just don’t have a spare $3.6 million. LOL.  For proof of money influence, read The NY Times article below on Comcast’s use of money for Political Access! NY TIMES 4/20/14 Comcast Political Influence

“We the people, for the people” had real meaning when I was growing up, not anymore. It’s not that we have no rage, it’s not that we don’t understand what has happened. We all know.  I have become the voice of “we the People”by using my bully pulpit;   “the voiceofjoyce.   I  bear witness and I advocate positive change for our Middle Class .  I hope that as I educate myself, I am  educating “we the people”, so that , as a group The Middle Class can organize and demand the changes in Society that reflect our needs.


It’s time to create an organization  stretching from the Atlantic to the Pacific demanding the reinstatement of those laws, that reflect ” we the people, for the people. “. If we get behind one voice, we will restore our rights, we can no longer vote along Party lines, we need to vote for Laws that support us.


No more Plutocracy.   Time to say, good riddance , here and everywhere . Act locally think Globally, it’s the same players, going from one place to another, gorging themselves at the expense of  “We the People”.   They can run, but they can no longer hide .   Shine the light on all their activities; dark pools of money, their gambling at our expense. We have a Country to save and a World. We are all in this together since The Plutocratic way of life has been replicated everywhere. Luckily, space travel hasn’t taken off yet, or these folks would be off our dead planet, quicker then you can say “beam me up Scotty”. So they’re stuck on our dying planet too. They’ll have to be part of the Solution . This should be a wake up call for ” the younger generations”, our lives and yours depend upon you to organize for change .

Become involved when Politics effects us. We should be holding hands in unity from Sea to shinning Sea. I love this Country, I believed in Horatio Alger and didn’t think it was hokey , not then and not now. We have the power together to recreate our Nation. Believe it and work for it.

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