PUBLIC ADVOCACY: Compassion/Think about our contribution to ” a better tomorrow”

I want to be upbeat this holiday season, while I ponder how to relieve the suffering that I see and hear about.  No one I know behaves like  a ” zombie” or  the Walking Dead .  We’re alive,  feeling appropriate sadness and appropriate happiness.   No one I know wants to live in a State of Denial.   Therefore,  while we ponder our fate and our State of Inequality,  I’m pleased to report that “we the People ” get it.  We know what caused the Recession of 2008 and we Understand our State of Inequality.

When confronted with the choices the middle Class still has to make , I cringe. I understand their reluctance to seek Public Assistance,  so many incur debt. The life of a retired person today is no longer burdened by our parents, we are saddled with the increasing Unemployability  of our educated kids and can only hope for a better future for our grandchildren.

Though “Obamacare” works, it’s still a system in need of tweaking. Single payer would have been a far better and easier system to implement, but that’s another discussion.

The real plus for me this year  is Social Media. It has made our World smaller and more transparent. Though we still suffer from inhumane acts of cruelty and violence , most folks if given a choice, would choose ” human kindness” and Justice for all. It’s not” polyannaish ” , the cycle of violence  dominating our lives, is becoming something we wish was eradicated and abhorred , rather then feared and inflamed. That is a giant step forward for man kind.

I’m mindful, that the Planet has indeed become smaller and more transparent.  We can see and talk about  small acts of thoughtfulness and kindness , “bad news” doesn’t have to consume us 24/7.  That’s why I propose a short term remedy for helping our fellow man.   Perhaps all of us who are more fortunate should consider “# paying forward” an item to help those in need. When buying a sandwich or a cup of coffee, buy an extra one and leave a receipt for those less fortunate. A small gesture of kindness while we work on real projects to help all members of our Society prosper. America is great because we have a well developed sense of identity. We are known as a caring Nation. Let’s not forget that all of our great President’s were humane. They fed the hungry and they gave the less fortunate a way out of poverty. ” teach a person to fish” , that’s what I’ve been told, it’s the Christian way to help.  None of us wants charity, we want a better way of life.  Let’s agree that 2015 is the year we stop talking about our State of Inequality and act together to Resurrect the Middle Class.

God Bless you. Let’s work towards a better tomorrow. It is our choice, we have a voice and Politics does effect us.

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    1. Thanks so much for your comments on my posts. Please check out my last 2 Posts on the events in Paris. I was in Paris when the Charlie Hebdo murders occurred and the murders at the Hyper Casher. ( je Suis Humain & Paris Stories and my 2 cents, ). I think you will find my assessment of the situation equally knowledgeable and compassionate. My Paris Interviews contains ” ordinary” Parisian responses to the murders.

      Please link to these and please do comment.
      All the best. Joyce

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