PUBLIC ADVOCACY: The Middle Class can be” Resurrected ” Obama’s Tax Reform paves way!Equality

From my desk to you:  Dear readers 5/21/14
From my desk to you: Dear readers 5/21/14

Who am I?    I’m like you, part of the vanishing Middle Class.  However, I have chosen to make my voice count.  Who will join me?

I don’t believe in customized Democracy that benefits a few. When my children suffer, my heart breaks, but I don’t see a personal solution to their problems.  The problems that confront my children and yours , , were not made by the Middle Class.   Therefore, it’s time for all to acknowledge that “Our State of Inequality” is strangling US and now, not later, is the time to move forward on Equal Justice and Job creation.

Rather then looking to squeeze the Middle Classes when seeking revenue, I believe the time has come to rewrite the Laws governing our institutions and make sure that enough revenue is allocated to create new Jobs.   The way out of this recession,  takes better choices and allocation of funds.

  • Obama’s budget is the first step in the process.
  • It will generate a revenue stream to create jobs for The Middle Class , reducing our “State of Inequality”.

You can’t have a consumer oriented society when you impoverish the consumer. People need a decent wage.  We have created laws and institutions that perpetuate income inequality and keep the Middle Class “down”.  Revising the Tax Laws will in fact resurrect the Middle Class.

The Middle Class can never be financially independent if they are saddled with the sole responsibility of supporting themselves, their children and grandchildren. They have limited resources and they too will be sucked into poverty. I say, No more!   I want a humane society that provides adequate universal health care to its citizens,  that provides jobs at decent wages for it’s people,  that supports Corporations who choose to support AMERICANS!

  • I had the best gift this Christmas ,  I spent time with my children and grandchildren, but my heart aches for them. Their futures are not rosy as mine . Both of my educated kids need adequate jobs. And none are to be found. One needs medical care and her health insurance may not be sufficient to cover her costs. Worse, she may not have access to the “best” surgical team she needs due to a medical provider system, that limits her choices, impoverishes  Doctors while rewarding the  CEO’s of the Insurance Companies.  In effect, all of us are now working for “big Business” and they, unlike us, have a blank check to charge whatever they wish!
  • An insurance Co CEO MAKES $30 million while the average worker in an insurance company, now EARNS $35, 000. Where is the  fairness in this system?
  • People  accept our system of inequality because the system drains US.
  • I don’t want to spend another day talking about our “State of Inequality”. I want to move forward and support an AMERICA that cares about all AMERICANS . I want everyone to have the opportunity to become another Horatio Alger . Upward mobility was not a story, it was a reality. All people were able to climb out of poverty and live comfortably until we changed the laws to benefit the upper classes  and Big Business .  We have  squeezed the Middle  Classes until, they have become part the lower classes.  Of all of the Western Nations, America is #! in Income Inequality.
  • We are repeating 1901. And it’s not pleasant. There were strikes and riots during those years of Inequality. And they culminated in the Great Depression. Are we doomed to repeat the past?  Or will we have the fortitude and good sense to stop denying reality and help all our citizens achieve a level of happiness they were promised in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.
  • It’s time to acknowledge reality.   Admit our mistakes and bring back the Middle Class and Middle Class values.   They were and are the backbone of our society, once composed of a vibrant   Entrepreneur class  which made our country great.  Once again we need to provide  funds  to entrepreneurs to start new businesses.  Without a thriving middle class,  AMERICA and Americans will never achieve their potential.   Why choose to deny reality,  when we have hundreds of millions to feed, educate and house now!? I miss our American “character” and culture, we are a “melting pot”, not a giant homogenous  “empty” Mall.
  • 7 years is more then enough time to stand still. Embrace the new technologies and think how we can help our people now .   Other countries like India and China , are moving forward. Why can’t America? We brought the World the industrial revolution, we brought the world the technological revolution.   Now it’s time to plan for our future , while we build it now. If you never take the first step toward the 21 st Century , you will never get to the 22 nd Century.
  • Man not the planet may become extinct. Think about it. The time to think about tomorrow is now. If we don’t build now, our tomorrow is wasted and perhaps,  lost.  Look closely at the Obama budget, it’s the first step toward real revenue generation in 7 years.  With the right decisions, the Middle Class can be resurrected.  It’s simple math!  With proper funding we can create millions of jobs again.  We can also educate the next Einstein!  Embrace change.  I know it’s hard, but I was told long ago,” anything worth having is worth fighting for”.  I’m fighting for our collective lives.  Will you join me, when Politics effects US?

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  1. The rebirth of the middle class will happen only when working people seek economic security Through labor unions. Chad

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    1. Thanks for your comment. So you don’t think tax reform freeing up revenue will benefit the Middle Class? Only an organized labor movement will be effective? Interesting.

      That means ” new laws” , tax reform, fiscal reform may be for nought without organized labor? Would you encourage unionization on all levels? Even on the lower and middle management levels? Just asking and fleshing out your thoughts.

      All the best.

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