PUBLIC ADVOCACY: Moms against Social Injustice! (all welcome to join in the fight!)Mom’s against inequality

Have you read the news today? Another book and  Wall Street Journal review on” Too Big To Jail “, this book,  by Brandon Garrett , studies Corporate prosecutions for fraud and notes that the Corporations come out ahead.  The fines are too lenient and  partially tax deductible to the corporation.   Therefore, whether it’s a Big Corporation, or a Big Bank, the taxpayer pays a portion of the fine!  As the song goes, “nice work if you can get it and you can get it all the time!”

Yet, if you steal cigarettes, you could die for nothing more then the color of your skin or attitude.  If you roll a ” joint” , not only could you be subdued, but a boot could land on your head. What’s  happening  to law enforcement and the Police?   Why are they venting  their frustrations on ” people” just like them?  Why do  the  truly guilty of high crimes, have Justice deferred?

  • Where is justice for the multitudes? The Banking establishment brought down the Middle Class of America and Western Europe. No single person was prosecuted for the ” death” and stress of 1/2 a Billion people. In fact, those responsible for the crash of 2008 have made Billions and Trillions collectively . The lesson learned, “fraud  and gambling with “The People’s money “on a large scale pays and pays big”!
  • I am so sorry dear followers, ” Les Miserables”, is still being played out in ” real” life. If you steal a loaf of bread to feed your family, you will be hounded for life and brought to Justice. Justice for the poor and middle class is a harsh justice.  It may result in the loss of your life!  What happened to equal justice under the Law?

In my previous Blog Posts, I’ve detailed the egregious behavior of the Banking Class and the causes of the 2008 Fiscal crisis . We can save ourselves  now by taking action to infuse more money into the American Economy.  Fortune 1000 Corporations are keeping $2 Trillion in corporate profits overseas. That’s one problem.  The second problem, major corporations pay no taxes even when they reside on American soil.

320px-New_Walmart_Logo.svgI’ve singled  out Walmart  because they are an “easy” and large target.   Customized Law, has benefited Walmart and The Walton family.

  •   Special  tax privileges granted to “Big Corporations” creates a revenue and job shortfall for the rest of us.

Changes in Corporate Tax Law and Estate Law, as proposed by  Obama , will generate revenue to begin the process to Resurrect The Middle Class.  While the rest of us suffer, read how Walmart benefits from preferential taxation.

  • share of revenue gets redirected to giant retailers such as Wal-Mart, ….
Daily Kos 6/4/14

Jun 4, 2014 – Mega-rich Walmart heirs give almost none of their own money to Walton Family … Among prominent American billionaires, the Waltons stand out for ….

I would urge all Mothers and women who have suffered at home or work , to join my voice and request a fair deal for ourselves, our kids and our loved ones. Let’s create an organization of Mothers and Women for Social Justice and take back our Nation from those who have made our lives intolerable.

I don’t wish to be the sole support of my family and you shouldn’t want to be in that position either. Our children and children’s children do not have to be our burden and responsibility. There is enough money in private and corporate coffers to fund millions of new jobs at every skill level. We don’t have a skill deficit, we have a Management deficit. We have a moral and ethical deficit.  We have allowed all of our Middle Class values to be trampled on for so long,  we are numb as we stoically take one body blow after another. When do we Women say enough?   We have Mothers against drunk driving, Mothers against drugs.   What about Mothers against unequal Justice ? What about Mothers against Fraud?

Let’s turn our country around together, through responsible changes in our laws and through an outcry when one of our kids is unfairly treated under the Law.   An assault on one of us is an assault on all of us.

When we start questioning and start learning about our egregious laws, we will create a more just society and resurrect the Middle Class.

  • Otherwise,  sad for me to say, we have the Justice and the standard of living we deserve. We are advocating for unfair treatment? We’ve made our choice and Politics Effects Us.

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