PUBLIC ADVOCACY:  Why a ” new ” Political Party? Conrtol of the Federal Budget?

JOYCE /2/11/15 @ 12:50pm
JOYCE /2/11/15 @ 12:50pm

I was asked would I start my own party of activists or include all diverse groups.  The answer is, I would want to be as inclusive as possible.  That’s the point, find everyone who is disenfranchised and unite under one banner .  One voice representing many people.  One voice reflecting the issues of the many.  The objective is to review our wish list for change and pursue one issue at a time.    One focus , one issue, one message for all of us until we change the platform and focus of the existing political systems or replace them with a new functioning Political Party that reflects the wishes of ” we the people” .   It is “us vs them ” and “we the people ” have to prevail. We know our Democracy has been hijacked, we have to put Laws in place to reverse 40 yrs of  inequality.  All it takes is insisting on the ” proper budget”, the proper allocation of funds.  He who controls the Country’s purse strings, controls the destiny of 300,000,000+ people. Do we want to control our destiny or should we continue to let the oligarchy in place control our destiny?

in every household, usually one person controls the family’s spending.  Sometimes, In egalitarian households, two people decide on how to split their monthly budget. ,either way, every month or every week, there is a finite amount of money to be spent. We have a choice, do we pay for necessities? Is there money left over for entertainment?  If we spend too much on luxuries, will we have enough money left over for our monthly expenses?  These questions concern all of us, no matter how much money we have.   If you are the Federal government , the same questions effect the electorate. They have choices to make with the money budgeted.  The sums are larger then our personal budget but the concept is the same.  How do you spend the money available and maintain your obligations to ” we the people”, not your donors?  How do you insure a surplus of funds for a new project or a rainy day?

How you allocate budgeted funds determines the ” happiness ” quotient of we the people.  If,” we the people,” are not considered when the budget is finalized our misery continues.  That’s why whoever controls the funds for our Democracy has the power to effect 300,000,000 lives.  That’s why it’s so important for us to be involved in the workings of our government. The electorate is no longer interested in making we the people happy.  Why should they care?   We are silent.  We don’t protest.   We don’t even complain, except to each other.  It’s 8 yrs since the start of the Great Recession and we the people remain silent.  When do ” we the people ” realize that remaining silent implies agreement with those in power ?

President Lincoln stated , ” AMERICA will never be destroyed from the outside.  If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves”. For tyranny to rein in our land, we only need a few decent men to remain silent.  I admit , I don’t remember who stated that fact. But I believe it to be true.  All ” statesmen ” have called upon the People to act.   Obama has asked for a grass roots movement to sweep the Nation, demanding change in the People’s favor.  So many people have told me they are disenfranchised.  If this is true, this is not the time to remain silent. Now is the time for citizen involvement,  Join me and together we can change our world.

Practically speaking,  I have found a free venue for us to meet and organize, “Governors Island” will accommodate our organization.   We can plan an event for the entire family as delegates meet from 50 States.  Let’s talk.  We have nothing to lose except our liberty, our democracy and all of our cherished ” entitlements”. Time is of the essence.  Silence is no longer an option when politics effects us.

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