JOYCE /2/11/15 @ 12:50pm
JOYCE /2/11/15 @ 12:50pm

Why should I or my followers  support a candidate coming from one of the traditional parties?

I have no idea how many actual followers I have, but it’s upwards of 182,000. That’s a significant community. We the people want a real platform, no more  platitudes or personal sniping.   No more , I have a plan speeches!  We want to know before the campaign “silly season ” starts , exactly what is your plan to Resurrect The Middle Class?  How will you create jobs?  What Laws are most important to you?

  • How will you move forward on your proposals? Which donors will you ask to place Women Leaders on their Boards, or in their organizations?
  • And don’t forget the entire group of 40-65 yr olds who no longer have good paying jobs? How will you integrate them into the work force? We want answers now, not in 4 more years.

If you think the Middle Class doesn’t get it, think again.   We get it!  We want a fair work place, we want jobs for all our people and we want a government that represents,” we the people”.

It took 40 yrs to create our State of Inequality. “Talk the talk , and walk the walk ” on Middle Class Justice, jobs and equality. Remember the pendulum always swings further then one supposes,  in all directions.  It has swung to the side of Plutocracy now, but nothing lasts forever!   Pay attention to the  needs  of the Middle Class  and bring us to a Goldilocks Government : “A government by the people , for the people ” !

  • Since I speak for many, those Corporations interested in working with the Middle Class, please do invite me to speak at your Clubs or organizations. Give me the opportunity to work with you for the benefit of our Society. Be involved in the resurrection of the Middle Class.
  • The resurrection of The Middle Class is everybody’s  responsibility.  We were the backbone of America.    We were the engine of progress, innovation and global competitiveness.  And we miss our status as worthwhile individuals to be  cherished in the work force.    We want a living wage and jobs with a future.  We are prepared to work hard for an organization that values US as people.    The American worker is capable of outstanding productivity, are you , our leaders in Big Business and government willing to work with us again toward a better more inclusive Society?

That is our wish.  The pursuit of life, liberty and happiness.  A good paying job for a job well done and appreciated.    No more heartless corporate mentality when an once of kindness gets so much more productivity.  Work with US and we’ll work with you!

Think about it.  An American Society defined by our collective ingenuity, our collective compassion for each other.  We have only one choice when we know Politics effects US all.  We have to say enough is enough to our leaders and insist that we move forward on new business and reinstatement of Laws that protected US.

Thank you for listening, dear readers!  As always, any and all comments are welcome.  What is important to you?  By campaigning and canvassing you, I’ll publish your concerns and the Laws we need to change to bring  our Society back to the moral and ethical Republic our founding Father’s envisioned.

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