PUBLIC ADVOCACY:  the Federal Budget effects ” we the people” 

We the people
We the people, for the People

Why is the Federal Budget important to ordinary citizens?

  • if we give subsidies to fossil fuel corporations and manufacturers, we take money away from funding alternative sources of cleaner, low carbon, energy.  We encourage fossil fuel production by funding it.  Fossil fuels receive  $600 + Billion in subsidies’ while alternative energy spends $ 400 Billion on R & D. Clearly our budget favors continued use of fossil fuels. Why  do we continue to manufacture  products  that increase Carbon’s in the air and may lead to man’s  extinction?
  • If we fund farmers who produce no crops, we no longer maintain our global position as “Breadbasket to the World.”.  Worse , without diversity of crops, we can’t provide and maintain sustainable crops and food sources in many areas of our own country.  Wouldn’t it be better to eliminate the subsidies to ” Big Agra” and empower citizens to create sustainable farms in many communities across our land?
  • Next, we have the student loan debt burden and the credit card burden.  Low wages, the recession , and the elimination of middle class assets has led to a Trillion Dollars in Middle Class Debt.   If the Laws were re-written to make our Banking industry fiscally responsible, if $2 Trillion  in Corporate tax “evasion” were repatriated and the tax laws changed, I’d wager, the Middle Class would not seek punitive damages against those responsible for the recession.  They certainly wouldn’t be motivated, if their student loan debts were forgiven and the Banking and mortgage industry thought creatively about loan refinancing ?
  • Last but not least, waste in customized government costs taxpayers money they don’t have. Though a small sum for the Federal Government, I heard on CBS news this morning that $4 Million is allocated to ” special” citizens, enabling them to fly into small airports and save a 90 minute drive?  Has anyone been on the LIE during rush hour in our Big City?
  • LOL the biggest waste of spending in this Country occurs when we elect Presidents or Congress People. Billions are allocated for these Political Races.  (FYI:  @ $50,000/per job we could create 20,000 jobs with a Billion Dollars.)  It’s a known fact that special interest groups benefit, not ” we the People”.  I don’t believe Citizens United should remain a Constitutional amendment. If we are serious about ” good” government, this Amendment to the Constitution would be repealed.

There is much to be done…much that can be done. But nothing will be done, if the Middle Class remains fragmented rather then united. Never forget, Politics does effect US.   My 2 cents.  Thanks for listening dear followers , I truly believe ” change is in the Wind”.  All the best. Joyce

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