PUBLIC ADVOCACY: An appeal to ” the other IRAN” 

me @ 1:29  11/30/14Say it isn’t so!  I read the Economist last week, the issue dated 3/7-13, The new Nuclear Age, “Why the risks of conflict are rising”.   There was no rejoicing, as I read why AMERICA wants a deal with Iran.  Why it’s pressing for a deal, when we know they are in fact a threat to Israel and our long standing Allies in the Middle East. It’s all about the money and influence.   According to the Economist, American corporations are lining up to do business with Iran.
  • So it’s not diplomacy driving our Country towards any deal with Iran, it’s all about the money, like most of our entrenched ideologies.
I have a question for Iran’s people, who number 80, 000,000 & have spent $100,000,000,000 on Nuclear ” Power”,  Why put your selves at risk?  Why build on seismic faults?  Why sit silently as your leaders build bombs and fight in far off wars, destabilizing the Middle East ?  Because we care about all people, you are forcing us to deal  with a corrupt ruthless regime and we’re going to trust that they’ll behave like good citizens of the World. ( People who are without principles, do not automatically become decent. )  Rather, until and unless, tough “conditions” are imposed on  Iranian regime, the world will continue it’s race toward more nuclear weapons .
We have the tools to strike a good deal with Iran without punishing her people.  Give them the humanitarian aid they desire.  Offer assistance in management of their natural resources and have them meet with all the regions nations in an attempt to achieve a lasting Peace.   We don’t want a proliferation of Armed Nuclear aggressor states, with ruthless militants upholding their laws.  We want a curtailment of aggressor state’s ambitions.
Of 175 Nations surveyed by the UN, Iran ranks 136 th in corruption.  The Military controls all the industry in Iran and the Ayatollah’s control the people.  Why should I care more for the Iranian people then their rulers who have squandered the people’s money on playing Geo Political Power Games?  Funding terrorists and terrorism takes Big Bucks, shouldn’t those in Power in Iran be held accountable ?   It is both convenient and disingenuous of the Ayatollah to blame the West and Israel for Iran’s failures and mismanagement of their resources.  It’s not the sanctions that hamper their prosperity.  The West’s Banks have been penalized for laundering the Iranian regimes money as they seek to circumvent those sanctions.
It’s not too late to change the conversation with Iran.   Strike a humanitarian bargain first.   Then talk seriously about staging the disarmament of Iran’s weapons program.  Figure out what is required for safe nuclear power and dismantle the remaining Plutonium and Uranium enrichment.  Since Russia is no longer a trusted partner in this world, don’t even think about giving the enriched material to them.  The end goal for the entire region should be Peace, not more threats of annihilation and War!
 There must be a third way to resolve these conflicts.  There is, when all decent people  decide their lives count.  Thanks for listening dear reader, Politics effects US and we have a choice.

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