PUBLIC ADVOCACY: Thank you, dear followers

photo 3/24/15
photo 3/24/15

Hi there”
I’ve just accepted approximately 25 Comments for a response within the next few days. Thank you dear followers for your supportive words of encouragement.

With your help, “the Voice of Joyce”, continues to broadcast our thoughts and wishes for a “better” society, here and abroad. I’m in the process of consolidating my Blog Posts and turning the first 2.5 years into an eBook. Please look for it on the Web. I’ll notify everyone of it’s availability.

Meanwhile, I’ll continue to bring you the news and events that we believe are important. I await your support for “we the People” as we grow as a Community, realizing that “Politics effects Us”.

Are you ready to join me as Citizen Lions, making Social Media and “We the People” a force for change? Let me know! If not now?

Wishing you a brighter day! All the best. Joyce

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