The Voice of Joyce: “The Butterfly Efeect” When we the people speak

Photo on 6-13-15 at 11.45 AMWhy is ISIS effective? It’s a grass roots organization. They have a mission, and their followers agree with the mission and will carry out the mission without direction from the top. This is not a hierarchical organization. It is a fluid, synaptic organization. Not confined by boundaries. Rather it grows by communications with diverse groups and each carries out their version of the mission.
I love to quote the Avengers or Ret. General  Stan McCrystal  for their attempts at understanding this new distributive method of communication which is taking social media to the next platform:   Using your groups to acknowledge your ideas, confirm, deny or amend them and proceed to a new platform of ideas and solutions for implementation. All original thoughts are considered by the group and the group decides what’s important. When the people speak, you have an inclusive Democracy that may work for the greatest numbers and the greatest good.
Throughout history there have been long periods of income inequality. From the 1948-1980 inequality was basically suppressed by the advent of War and new regulations and laws set in place to create a more equal society. An economic state was created where birth mattered less then hard work and innovation. (Read Thomas Piketty’s Book Capital in the 21st Century)
Today, At the beginning of the 21st Century,  dynasties are being created once again.   No amount of hard work is going to equal the “Uber Wealth “of the financial or Technology classes. Only the creation of new laws, taxing the Global wealth of this class will recreate a Middle Class. Why laws, because without law, the Ultra wealthy have no self regulation and will continue to be incentivized to earn more money. With law, we the people have the opportunity to create a more equitable system of finance and” tax reform”. This is one way,   to stop the ever increasing wealth at the top while creating a more equitable Society, composed of a thriving Middle Class.
Together we can tell the Plutocrats we intend to rebalance our Society. We intend to cast off the veils of ignorance and use  technology to communicate with each other at first, culminating in our own convention sometime within the next 6 months. Who will join me? Who will discuss these issues with me on Periscope?
There are solutions to economic inequality, it takes education and an army of people to help me carry out our mission. I just finished reading Piketty’s book on ” Capital in the 21 st Century, an economic tome, praised by Paul Krugman for it’s academic approach to inequality. The dilemma that Piketty and I and others have noted stresses that Global Accumulation of wealth, left unchecked will continue to grow exponentially, as the rest of us suffer! Unless there is a Global awareness of this imbalance of wealth and a Global effort to stop the accumulation of wealth at the top, the World’s people will starve. There is evidently no end to their accumulation and passing on of wealth virtually untaxed. The time has come to reverse this imbalance. It’s happened before and it can happen again, preferably without being sucked into another major war.

  • FYI: Before 1980, the wealthy were taxed heavily , 80% of their income was taxable, leading to a lessening of mega salaries. It was not worth have large incomes when your money was paid to the government. This changed in 1980.

I’ve already laid out some of  my thoughts on income inequality and the solutions  in prior Blog Posts.  As you read my words, please be mindful dear reader, that I am what I write. Please take my message back to your community and together we can change our world. Just like ISIS we will use Social Media to our advantage. Leveling the playing field is our goal. Our Democracy depends upon us!
When I say together we can change the World, I mean it sincerely!  Since you have chosen me to lead and educate you, announce your sincere wishes for our success, as Frank Sinatra sang, “start spreading the word”, we will organize for the common good.

  • Never underestimate  the power of the People and ” the Butterfly Effect”!

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