The Voice of Joyce: Corruption, always here? I propose new “accountable” Institutions.

2cb02eeec022aaa6acf4eaae43f1cd69-1Photo on 8-24-15 at 9.16 AMDuring the last week, many questions were posed as I lingered over Coffee at our local shop, Cup of Joe’s.  Someone asked, hasn’t corruption always been present in our Society?  The short answer, YES!   When , the “animal spirits ” run rampant, like 1901, or before the1929 crash or 7 yrs after the 2008 Fiscal crisis, corruption is reined in by changing the laws to restore balance between the classes.
In 1901 , Teddy Roosevelt broke up the monopolies much to the chagrin  of the Republican Party.   TR Was appointed Vice President under McKinley, a “no where” job . The Republicans thought TR would be buried in office. However, thru a quirk of fate, McKinley was Assassinated on 9/14/1901, by a man claiming he was unhappy with  corruption in government. TR became President to the dismay of the Republican Party and made it his mission to dismantle the trusts, the monopolies of the day. He used the investigative press to his advantage and successfully litigated Standard Oil and others.

His actions alone, were a step in the right direction, however, “animal spirits” on Wall Street continued unabated ending in the Crash of 1929.  For FDR, this event, coupled with massive unemployment, triggered the Laws that “reined in Wall Streets ” spirits” , once again, for 66 yrs.

  • Fast forward to modern times. we have continued to let Wall Street flourish at the expense of “we the people”. I believe, there can never be change unless the People are Revolted. We the People, sounds good, but it has no meaning till we care enough about ourselves to act and demand a better way of life. No Political Party will act on our behalf.   It’s up to us, to change our Society.
  • #BlackLivesMatter
  • #livesmatter
  • For a start, #TaxRiskStopInequality. If we supported this one tax , I proposed, we could create significant revenue which was tractable and accountable under “New Institutions”.
  •   We could create new “job” programs that would be tracked separately from the existing systems.
  • We would be developing  accountable parallel systems to be eventually integrated within the existing structures. Do not retrofit, or destroy, merely create a new responsible entity that dissolves into a larger structure.
  • Then we can streamline and eliminate duplication of efforts. This program successfully worked at Ford, PFIZER and Bankers Trust.  I know, I was encouraged to create my own”companies” within each of these organizations, in order to achieve “the Corporations’ mandate” of change.

Once we’ve attained a level of revenue and competency , we can work on tax and financial reform. I think Greenspan is right when he says, “the Banks should have 30% in reserve”, then you can circumvent parts of Dodd Frank.

  • Put accountability back into our monetary system.
  • Start  changing the culture of our Country.
  • Back to basics, AMERICA and Americans first.

It’s hard for good intentioned people to change, but it can be done.  I’m told by professionals, changing habits takes 21- 250 days!   Join me in demanding a better way of life and we’ll get it.  I believe change in 2015 will come from  “we the People”,  as we raise our voices together demanding a better way of life. Let’s not go through another election cycle with nothing accomplished and no better off then we were 6 yrs ago..

“We the People” are starting to “get it”.  We need everyone to “get it”.  I welcome your support and help in spreading ideas to change our World.  All the best.

“the heart and pulse of The Middle Class”

3 thoughts on “The Voice of Joyce: Corruption, always here? I propose new “accountable” Institutions.

  1. Agree with your assessments and proposals. They can only improve the system. However, they will take time and need the momentum of group energy and empowerment.

    1. Thank you for your comment. Ready to join the group? It’s a pleasure to know my thoughts and ideas resonate with others.

      The next step is working together toward a better more productive society. Please continue to read my Posts. Share ” our” ideas with friends and we may have a movement then you think. All the best

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    Going back to archival Posts. Good ideas never die! Perhaps now is the time to unite and organize around ideas that change our World for the better! All the best.

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