The Voice of Joyce : Revolt or be Revolted? Our choice when Politics effects US 

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What do you think?  People speak to me and say, compared to where they’re from, life in America isn’t so bad?  We’re not competing with how bad is bad. . We’re not competing with death, like emerging cultures are forced to accept.   Americans  have been duped into subsidizing the upper classes by draconian measures.  Many have  been convinced  that it is in their best interest to support Ideologies which have destroyed Middle Class AMERICAN lives.

  • Not a believer, let me cite a few examples.

In 1916, the California  oil subsidies began. The California road system, as we know it,  was designed for rail. However, in the 1940’s as rail declined GM took over the street car lines and voila we accommodated cars not rail lines. Which became inadequate for California’s booming population. Prior to that at the turn of the 20 C. , 4 rail barons ruled the transportation network of California.   According to Wikipedia, the early Rail Robber Barons wanted to curtail competition within the State.  They too, stifled rail and transportation growth.  They kept the rail from going to  San Diego because they wanted to insure that San Diego never flourished as a Port.

  • Self interest and corruption limited the availability of the rail system within the State of California.
  • Rail systems were additionally stifled by poor planning.  In some instances,   more then a 100 yrs have passed between planning ,  need and implementation!  Unfortunately, this scenario is being replayed throughout our country.  Look at Transportation needs on the East Coast.    Our tunnels are also  over a 100 yrs old!

By not funding infrastructure for transportation, we are delaying progress to our Communities.  Worse, by continuing the subsidies for coal, oil and gas, that were started at the turn of the last Century, we are stifling innovation in alternative fuels.

  • The $660 Billion  spent, largely by the Middle Class, on  oil and gas subsidies, prevents weaning us off fossil fuels.  Worse, it makes it very expensive or impossible to develop and pass alternative plans.
  • Our Policies perpetuate a way of life that should be transitioned to a more progressive system of energy deliverance . It’s not easy to accept new habits or a new way of life, but our policies are counter productive to the existence of life. Therefore, when Al Franken , a Minnesota Senator, says, ” let’s get rid of oil subsidies”, everyone in America should join the chorus.

Another, egregious policy, forced on “We the People”, is Citizens United which makes running for office a sport, with high stakes players influencing Politics and Politicians.  It’s like Reality TV shows,or  a boxing match,  while we, The Dwindling Middle Class, is a passive spectator.  A Constitutional Amendment is needed to bring back our Democracy.  Since elected officials can’t  or won’t overturn Citizens United, it is my belief,  that “we the People” united, can bring back our Democracy  by acting to together to spread good ideas and support our own Candidates for office.

  • I propose we circumvent the normal campaign channels and create our own public option of campaign finance reform,  at the local ,  state or federal level.
  • Read the rules and start proposing candidates of your choice.
  • Put their names on ballots
  • Campaign and vote for them.
  • We have a Democracy to reclaim.

My next pet peeve is Student loans. The same folks who brought us FANNIE and Freddie brought us Sally Mae,  their little sister. The program was started by Eisenhower, funded by Johnson and then bastardized by Bush and Obama. Prior to the Bush administration the Federal Government covered Student Loans.  It must have been more fairly administered, because I had no idea it had become a massive pernicious industry.   In 2004 , under Bush, the Banks and equity  administered  the student loan program.  Obama, had a better idea and placed the administration under governmental control, with a caveat:  Poor and Middle Class kids were charged too much interest and the loan could called or remain outstanding and payable for 25 yrs.  Additionally, these loans are not discharged through bankruptcy, and they are 99% guaranteed by parents.  Instead of fixing the problem,  we’ve stuck a band aid on it. What do we do?  Be creative!

  •   Circumventing parts of  DODD Frank would be a step in the right direction towards financial reform.  Using Greenspan’s model of 30% reserves would make Banks accountable and better lenders as risk in Banking became a “non-issue”.   My  #tax risk on derivatives and fast trades bringing Billions, if not a Trillion back into the system would move the Country into  forward gear!
  • The same principle that applies to job creation: 22,000 jobs for every $50,000 spent of $1 Billion,  holds true for College endowment funds.   Those Universities sitting on a Billion $’s  or more,   could fund 22,000 kids for one year. Let’s be reasonable. Endowments are not reserves never to be used. They should be funding the best teachers. R&D and student body, independent of the kids socio economic background. Diversity,  we’ve proven is good.

There is something rotten in America and it’s not the immigrants. It’s the people in power who have ” good” intentions and create profit centers for themselves as they impoverish the rest of us. Need the facts. Neither Clinton or Mark Rubio is correct. Student loans can and should be abolished.  However,  if  a poor or middle class person is ok repaying student loans at low interest at no more then 10% of their income over 10 yrs.   Let’s level the playing field  and tax the wealthy at 10% of their assets ,  too!  The Plan, everyone gives back to Society enabling our country and other economies to prosper and grow.

  • Why should middle class dollars alone be responsible for supporting government institutions.  We need universal health care, education, R&D, technology, infrastructure, clean air, clean water, the list is  as long as our imagination.   It’s un-American  for only the Middle Class to pay the Country’s bills without having “our voice” heard.  Everyone should be paying into the system
  • I am not into punitive. I am espousing common sense laws for financial and tax reform.
  • If you agree, dear followers, please share my thoughts with others and together we will have started a movement to “take back our Democracy” from “special interest” groups.

Thank you for reading, listening and sharing my ideas with friends.  I remain, “the heart and pulse of The Middle Class”!

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    1. You are welcome. Please continue reading and help spread these ideas for change. Appreciate your comment of support. Let’s work together to make our wishes, ideas a reality. All the best

    1. Thanks for reading and agreeing. Together we can change our world. Please help spread these ideas and perhaps we can all join together with one wish list. All the best

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