The Voice of Joyce: Violence and lack of Compassion


Photo on 8-31-15 at 2.42 PMDear Followers:

These are controversial topics that effect all our lives.  Please consider some of the facts and you decide whose life matters.  Thank you for following.

  • 33,000 die by gunfire in the USA to date
  • Planned Parenthood and other programs providing women’s health may be voted down
  • The Black and Hispanic communities are being decimated by unequal imprisonment under the Law
  • Black lives are murdered more then white lives. Leaving 85 black men per every 100 black women
  • Women get unequal pay for equal work
    Whose life are “we” supporting?
  • The facts: abortion is 3% of the Panned Parenthood budget.   Procedures are not  considered cavalierly

So I ask, where is our humanity?

  • Whose life matters ?
    A young person
  • A man or women with children to raise and a future
  • A person imprisoned. Or one on death row wrongly incarcerated
  • Innocents killed by bullets

Your choice, politics effects us all.

Recent documentation from today’s NY Times for all of US to Consider:

" the heart and pulse of the Middle Class"

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