The Voice of Joyce: why support a school for Statesmen & Women ? 

2cb02eeec022aaa6acf4eaae43f1cd69-1Photo on 9-7-15 at 12.48 PMWhen I first became an activist, I had solutions to our unemployment and fiscal problems but no way to implement them.  As the Recession deepened, I became convinced there would be a revolution in our Country. Frankly, I was disappointed there was no Revolution. I was waiting for someone else to rescue me, Us.
Next I realized, I would have to generate enough enthusiasm and Activism to convince ” we the People” to follow me and support my efforts to govern. That has happened. With one year left before the next election, it has become imperative to implement a program now, that doesn’t tear down institutions but rather, integrates the old with the new. All my life I have done this. I’ve created my own companies within Ford, PFIZER and Banker’s Trust solving problems that were necessary for the survival of the Corporation,  but not acceptable to the existing personnel. Persistence and perseverance paid off. The organizations were changed and once the programs were implemented, the transition was relatively painless.
I am convinced,  if properly funded, “we the People”, could create a Foundation  that would indeed give the American people a foothold into the existing Government structure. Over time, our influence will grow and perhaps,  in time , together we will change our World. This is hard work. Me?  I relish the challenge to do the next right thing for ” we the people”, who will join me in this ” huge” undertaking, “restoring our Democracy”?
The Foundation’s Name?  Foothold Foundation?The Silver Foundation? Only the concept is important, now!

My proposed mission restores Democracy , “one man one vote”, by giving AMERICAN citizens, a voice and a ” foothold” into AMERICAN Politics, creating the leaders of AMERICA today. A core group of 100 people representing every State in our Union.   Founded on the principle of ” we the People, for the People”.  By inserting 100 people, chosen by “we the People”, we would have enough votes in Government to erode the Status quo.  Our foundation/school would provide the following:

  • A program to formulate political policy based on the collective needs of the people. To include subjects in Statecraft, Philosophy, sociology, psychiatry, coaching, social media,  the workings of government and all government institutions, accounting, tax and fiscal reform.
  • A school to train those who seek public service promoting dedication to the Public good.  Those who are chosen to serve,  are chosen to work on behalf of the people, their salary would be  derived from the people they serve,  independent of special and foreign interests.
  • For the People , by the people,  becoming the heart and pulse of The Middle Class.  A newspaper would be a by product of this Foundation, available for National circulation.
  • Candidates who are dedicated to serve may also seek to run for the highest office in our land.
  • Finally, we would be choosing a positive. Someone schooled in Statecraft and grounded in an understanding of government and it”s institutions.  Able to advocate for effective and streamlined Regulatory Systems.  Able to be paid a wage commensurate with the requirements and responsibilities of the JOB!

A school to rival the finest military academies; ” A school for Statesmen”.

Our institution would  pave  the way for a more effective use of talent and  lead to pragmatic regulatory control and/or taxation.   One can not legislate on behalf of an institution , unless one has a comprehensive understanding of the requirements of the agency and it’s mandate.
This is a way to work toward better government and eventually global peace! Not total. Not absolute, but a beginning. My solution is a bloodless revolution . If I can dream it, it can be done!

“Good” Statesmen and women throughout the world is the ultimate goal. Ending the era of the despot, is a necessity!

“the Heart and Pulse of the Middle Class”

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