The Voice of Joyce: Statecraft v Game of Thrones

2cb02eeec022aaa6acf4eaae43f1cd69-1 Photo on 9-7-15 at 12.48 PMThe encouragement of War should no longer be a 21 st Century option. I understand it may take generations to achieve this goal. It is not a dream when schools can be created to train a diverse population of Americans and Nationals from other Countries in the art of Governing and Statecraft.
It is past time for the emergence of Statecraft. The Game of thrones exists for the benefit of the elite few, a spectator sport for them, as the People die ;  pity the helpless pawns! No more! I was born into a War torn era, I hope to die seeing a different future for my children and grandchildren. We have the tools to change our World. It behooves us to use them.

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I urge you to check out my upcoming Posts on Statecraft. While we have not yet created a more enlightened Congressional body, I have outlined a Foundation that intends to teach Statecraft and supply “100 candidates chosen by the people , for the people”  to this school for training in governance.

  • A way forward , where we the people are no longer pawns!

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